Mock Up

This is the mock up I have of the pressure hull that I will be inside of.  I constructed this mock up so that I could get a feel for the tight quarters I would experience and to get all of the interconnections  worked out.  Everything that controls the sub will have to be managed from with in this pressure hull.  I have spent time sitting inside for extended periods of time to see if I would have a claustrophobic reaction. The only reaction I had was a desire to keep on building !

The bottom picture is a newer mock up which is a closer dimension to the actual size.  However after additional consideration I have removed the conning tower and relocated it to different location.

Here is a outside mock up showing an addition the the original design.  A 4' diameter by 5' long cylinder has been added the he rear of the original tube.
Here is the mock up with the conning tower in the proper position.
Here is a view looking from aft.  The conning tower will be moved back to the larger cylinder.
Here is a view of the viewports and the top hatch.

Electric submersible with articulating entry