Machine Lathe

Here is a picture of me at my lathe.  Since I have limited space I have to make do with what I have.  This lathe is an oldie, but those are the kind you want!  It is very stable since it is so massive.  It is nearly 9' long and so I decided to mount a grinder at the very end.  I will rarely, if ever, need the entire length of the lathe so the grinder should not be in the way.  I can always remove it if I have a special application.  I'm not sure the year this lathe was made but I'm guessing pre WWII.  It was made just as they were transitioning from overhead belt drives to mounting the motors directly onto the lathe.  The motor which is mounted on this lathe has a belt going down to the drive.
In this picture you can clearly see the massive table that this lathe has.  This older lathe has everything you could ever need for machining parts for a submarine.  In the chuck in this picture is what will eventually be a viewport flange.
Here is a close up of the viewport flange that I am machining using a boring bar.
This dial indicator is mounted on a magnet so that it can easily be moved to the correct location.




Electric submersible with articulating entry